Q: gauge prob. on 1991 Nissan Pathfinder

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I have a 91 pathfinder and the gas , temp & speedo gauges are not working.... what could be the problem?
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There is a 10 Amp fuse I think it may even be marked instrument at the end of one of the rows of fuses in the fuse box that sends power to the gauges. On the instrument cluster its self is a voltage stabilizer that regulates voltage to the fuel gauge and temperature gauge. I have replaced a printed circuit board on the dash of one of these before but start by looking at that 10 amp fuse.
hi my temp and fuel gauges are not working and where do i find this 10 amp fuse and how do i get to the stableizer.
voltage regulator on the back of the instument cluster for the gas and temp gauge... same thing happend on my 91, was like 60$ gotta get it from the dealer....