Q: gas tank feuling problem on 2000 Hyundai Accent

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about the engine DOHC or SOHC I don't know

a few weeks ago the check engine light came on and I could not fuel the car
the fuel nozzle would keep cutting off
the local hyundai dealer replaced an evap cannister and an event valve in the tank at a $6000 cost
the check light went off or was programed off and we could fuel the car
2 weeks later the check engine light came back on
we returned to hyundai and they said there was a pinprick hole in the fuel line and that I should return when they get a new device that will locate the pinprick hole

so how does this all sound?

sorry/ it was 600 dollars not 6000
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When the evaporation emission components fail it can prevent or cause problems with refueling. We have had to replace evap canisters on some Toyota and Lexus where they are located under the car and water, snow and ice causes corrosion and damage. Was you cost $600 or $6000?
Hyundai did have a service bulletin about fitting a filter and pipe to prevent water and moisture causing damage to the evaporative system components. Service Bulletin 00-30-001 issued August 2000
I had the same problems with my 99 Accent. The dealer replaced the canester and forgot to hook the wires up. so on the way home the Check Engine light came on! Crawed under the car to check and fixed it. It has worked fine ever since.
this was helpful. we fixed the canister but the check engine light came back on. We will try to see if there is a missing wire