Q: Gas smell but no igition problem indications on 2007 Saturn Ion

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I have the smell of gas coming from my car outside as well as it being faint inside the car. I've checked around in the engine compartment but don't smell it there but do smell it, oddly, in the area of the passenger side front wheel well.

There is no check engine light or hard starting as of yet so I don't think it's that.

Any ideas?
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You probably need to jack up the car and safely support the car. Gasoline leaves a distinctive stain. Take note if the smell is worse on a hot day or if is worse with a full or nearly full tank of gas. A fuel leak on the pressure side normally will result in a drivability problem. or lean code stored. On the return side you would see a stain some where. If the evaporative emission system is giving problems you would imagine that to would set a trouble code over time. Garages us a "smoke machine " to generate a non flammable low pressure inert gas that is attached to an evap port or fuel filler neck, the smoke is "pumped in" and any leaks become easily identifiable.