Q: Gas mileage, lights partially off on display panel, low visability with headlamp on 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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it seems i use alot of gas ,i can go 45 miles and use a quarter of a tank,does anyone else feel this also? my display panel has partial light,i cant see my gas gauge,on the left, till i turn overhead lights on, i can see odometer, but cant see the right side gauge. also my headlights have very poor lighting,what can improve them..sorry ,hope you can understand my questions
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You have several things going on, see if the headlight covers "glass" are foggy or hazed. If so try cleaning the headlights with Blue Magic head plastic headlight cleaner, maybe up grade the head light bulbs. Sounds like some instrument cluster bulbs have failed or are failing. Gas mileage is important to have properly diagnosed, it could be many things hard to just guess. Is there a Check Engine Light on? If so the computer in your car is going to have relevant information stored in its memory which will help figure out what is going on. A scan tool is needed to retrieve this information. A professional grade scan tool allows key engine sensor data to be analyzed right off the scan tool without having to do intrusive testing at each sensor.