Q: Gas is going into the oil. I fill up with gas and 2-3 days later the gas is gone on 1994 Chevrolet Corsica

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I was told an injector was stuck open or a fuel rail was bad. The back spark plugs have not been changed because my husband doesn't know how.
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the engine timing is 180 degrees out of phase. probably someone put the timing belt on and either forgot that the oil pump under the rotor takes 2 - 4 times (depending on vehicle) before it matches up with the #1 firing. injectors are firing but not with spark so the fuel is just leaking past the valve guides into the crankcase.
well if the timing belt jumped time you need to replace it. that would be yet another cause for oil in the gas. to replace the timing belt, you need to take the front of the engine apart. if i were closer to you i could do it, but, for now can only tell you what to do. labor is not cheap. i usually charge 1/2 of the shop labor rates for most jobs. if an injector is stuck open you can take out each injector and test it with a 12volt source of electricity. you just touch the injector leads to each battery lead and it should click. if it doesnt the injector is bad. i'd do this first before worring about the timing stuff. to test the fuel rail, look on the fuel rail for a 'tire-like' valve similar to those on each tire. after you start it or crank it up (or just turn the key on and off a few times for about 5 seconds each time) then get something to press the middle of the valve and if gas sprays out then the fuel rail is good. let me know what happens on each test.
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