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Q: Gas in oil on 2001 Volvo S80

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I have a 2001 volvo s80 with a 2.9l. I resently put a new head gasket on it and a new timing belt on it. I put a new head gasket on it cause it was getting gas in the oil and i pulled the head off to check for cracks. Now that is back together it still gets gas in the oil and has no power. It will no start unless you unhook the mass air flow. While its running i hook the mass air flow flow back up and after about 5 mins itll cut out but will not die. And its a quick stall like for about 2 to 3 seconds. What could the problem be?
Most likely the engine was not put back together correctly. You say "I recently put..." -- did you do it, or did someone do it for you? What instructions did you/they follow while reassembling the engine? Was it their first job on that engine? What service documentation did they have? Remember: it's an interference engine and if you got the timing belt on wrong, you may bend the valves. I think it's a purely mechanical issue. Gas-in-oil might have been due to a leaky injector -- especially if it would leak after you turned the engine off. There's plenty of fuel line springiness to keep the pressure up so it can squirt half a cup of gas through a leaky injector when the engine is off. Remember: it has plenty of time (overnight) to leak, even a very slow leak that may not trigger a Check Engine light could do it. A cup overnight is about 0.003 grams of fuel per second -- well within what an ECU could compensate for. An engine at idle gets roughly 5 grams of air per second, and the fuel per second is about an order of magnitude less (say 0.2g/s).

You should have had the injectors overhauled and tested first, before attempting the head job (if at all). I don't think gas-in-oil is any real indication for a head job by itself. You have to do compression test and a leak-down test first.

My thinking is that you still have the original issue, and you've added another problem due to improper engine reassembly, and most likely it is an injector, or a leaky ring.
Fuel comes from the injectors, so they are either stuck on or they are being instructed to spray a lot of fuel. What trouble codes are stored in the ECM?
ok i took the car to someone so they can help me figur it out but the codes in the ecm are saying cam sensor and something about advanced timing. Have any ideas it would be helpful. The guy that got them codes is goin to double check the codes to see what the rest of that advanced timing said. He also said after it warms up u can start it with mass air flo hooked up but i will not start cold.
i got the code to clear by touching the battery cables together for a few min and then hooking it back to the battery. When you try to drive it you prety much have to press the gas peddal almost to the floor to get it to go. There isnt any motor noises when you try to drive it. The gas in oil stopped. No more gas in oil. Do you have any ideas on how or what the problem may be?
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