Q: Gas gauge and overhead computer read out show empty when gas tank is almost full on 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

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fill gas tank gauge shows 7/8 full drive 3 miles gauge shows 3/4 drive 2 more miles gauge shows
1/2 drive a few miles shows 1/4 then gauge goes to empty and bell starts gauge goes back to 1/4
Then goes back to empty bell starts this keep going over and over till I have driven 20 miles then
Gauge reads empty bell stops go get gas takes only 5 gallons then it starts over.
The sender has been changed 3 times still the same problem.
(1) Answer
Sounds like a wiring issue.

This system works off of resistance. The sender is basically a resistor that varies the power to the gauge, causing it to go up or down as necessary. But resistance in wiring can vary due to intermittently open circuits and improper grounds, for example.

Checking the wiring between the sender and the instrument cluster is the best next move.