Q: Gas Door Release Mechanism on 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

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When I pull up on the plastic gas door release lever in the drivers door, the gas compartment door does not open readily. I have to sit there and repeatedly pull up on the lever several times before it finally pops open. I have had someone try to help it pop out with a credit card, pushing in on the door etc. I can finally get it open if I persist in pulling the lever. I have checked the latch inside the gas compartment which is plastic. It seems to move freely so all of this leads me to believe that the problem is in or with the lever. Is it electronic or cable driven? What do you suggest?
(3) Answers
Agreed with Hemicuda. A proper estimate from a shop is better than a hundred guesses. Take it in and get it looked at.
Probably should stop by a couple of local body shops and ask for a estimate to replace what Raiderron said the fuel door release cable as they can order the parts and repair this before one day you can't put gas in the tank and have to have it towed
Sounds like the cable is stretched or an attachment point that holds the cable down has come loose allowing cable housing movement that would not allow the lever to work correctly.