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Q: gas cap light on 2007 Dodge Durango

gas cap light how i can reset i put new gas cap end light steal on end now i have check engine light
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I have a 2007 Durango. I had the gas cap indicator come on a while back. I took it to auto zone and they did the diagnosis. I bought a new gas cap and cleared it. The next day same thing. I took it to a shop. They found that the aftermarket cool air intake that I put on was loose, fix it. A day later light back on. Took it to the Dealer, they couldnt find anything wrong. Months later my light is still on along with the engine light. This is obviosly some kind of issue if it has occurred this many times. HELP!!!! I dont know when something actually does go wrong with my car
I am having the same problem right now. I have a 2007 Durango. I bought it July 6,2010. since I bought the durango it has been in the shop 6 times. They reset it at the dealership and it comes on over and over along with the Malfunction light. Did you can any answers? Please email me at
I'm having the exact same issue right now. Replaced the gas cap, engine light and gas cap warning still on. Advanced Auto Parts have been very helpful- for free! But the problem isn't solved yet. I also have been having troubles with is starting and stalling but the dealer found nothing wrong with it, and my brother said it has something to do with the vaccuum seal in the gas cap. Problem still not solved...
I had the same problem with my 07 Durango. According to "Pat Goss" of "Motorweek"......"You need to test the Evaporative emission control system (EVAP). The light refers to the gas cap because that is the most likely cause but by no means the only cause. The typical problem is that the driver didn't properly tighten the cap after filling the tank. The number one problem other than improperly tightened cap we find is a leaking canister purge valve followed by a disconnected or broken hose at the vapor canister." Problem solved!

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A scan tool will definitely reset the light but as with any OBD2 vehicle the on board computer in your car will carry out an evaporitve emission test when certain criteria is met (speed, level of fuel in the tank, change in temperature), once it sees the criteria is met it does the test if it sees the gas cap is tight and the tank will hold a vacuum it will automatically turn off the light. May take a week or so or the criteria to be met.
what if you put gas several times a week...the variable "vacuum" will ever be met?
I have had the light reset on numerous occasions, replaced the gas cap, taking it to the dealership and they cannot find the issue. The light will reset for about a day then comes back on.
i have the same exact problem right now. My vehicle has been in the shop 6 times in 7 weeks. How did you solve your problem? Please email me at
I have a 07 caravan flashing gas cap. The service manager remembers one like this and he thinks its the pcm. Will reply with more info when i find out.
Same problem here. YEsterday when I filled up, gas leaked all over the ground. So I suspect the air leak is not with the gas cap, but in the fuel tank/pipe area. Will bring it in to get looked at.
Large chain auto parts stores will do a scan for free (make sure you get an experienced employee). If the evap code is the problem have them clear it and drive on. If it comes back or a different code comes up find a reputable shop.
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