Q: fuses 75/76 on 2000 BMW 540i

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Wat Are fuses 75/76
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What is the production date ( month/year) or the last 7 digit of the VIN#?
It's usually the auxilary fan.

75 and 76 are located behind the glove compartment, and poiting downwards. Need to remove glove box it to access, and they're still tricky to replace. To remove glove compartment, first slide out cover panel below the glove box, and then remove the 2 upper screws next to the latch, the side guides clips, lose the 10mm nuts under the box, and disconnect the flashlight charger socket (left side). Slide your hand over the metal wall behind the box, and you should be able to reach (not see) the fuses. They look like the litte ones, but are much bigger. Autozone & Advance have them @ $4 each.
Fuses 75 & 76 are behind the glove box against the firewall. Recline and move the passanger seat back and lie down with your head in the footwell and look up behind the glove box for a white plastic jucnction box against the firewall. the 2 fuses are together on a block that can be uncliped from the main block. They are for your a/c blower motor. If your a/c blower isn't working , it is more than likely your final stage unit/ blower resistor...Which is easier to change than the fuses.