Q: FUEL/GAS SMELL on 1999 Saab 9-5

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My saab runs very good. no leaks. but everytime i crack my windows i get fuel/gas fumes. it dont smoke i took it in and they could'nt find anything wrong..i had fuel filter change. if i turn on a/c u can smell it to..but not the heat..please help...thanks
(4) Answers
There is a hose and connector under the hood on the passenger side close to the air system (on the engines side of the dashboard air vent). It may be cracked or broken. It is easy and cheap to repair/replace.
If you smell gas, then you have a leak, somewhere. You need to find it because it is not safe, if in fact you are sure it is a gasoline smell.
I had the exact same thing happen on an older 9000. It would smell like raw gas every time I opened the sun roof. Never found out what it was!!
Mine did that too; same car. Turned out was missing a schrader (sp) valve on the engine front/right side fuel rail. Euro car repair place fixed for $40.