Q: Fuel=Ethanol+Unleaded: There’s a type of Unleaded Gas with Ethanol that’s bad on 2006 Acura RSX

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My 2006 RSX Owners Manual mentions that there is a type of Regular (89 octane) Unleaded Gas with Ethanol that is not good for this car. It refers the reader to the Acura website to get more details or information but I am not able to find anything. Is anyone familiar with this?
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A lot of fuels have ethanol content in them now. All the blended and reformulated and oxygenated fuels all have "fillers". I think it was the Acura enthusist website/car club
that I saw discussion on fuel.
Unless a car other wise specifies (some Acura require Premium gas) they will run on regular gas. The engine has a knock sensor that retards the ignition timing if it senses detonation or knock due to low quality fuel so it has means to protect itself.
The engine in a type S engine is higher compression than in the standard RSX. Higher octane gas has less of a tendency to ignite under high pressures, which reduces the chances of knocking in the engine. So Acura recommends at least 91 octane gas, it costs more, but you'll actually get better gas mileage with it.
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