Q: fuel tank leaking gas on 1995 Mercury Tracer

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when I fill up I can see a steady drip from underneath the car. If I park at a downward slope with the front of the car downwards the tank does not leak. If I park with the rear of the car facing the downward slope the tank drips gas. If I park on level ground the tank does not leak. If the tank is more than half full the tank leaks gas but if it is less it only leaks when parking downwards and at fill up. Do I need to replace the gas tank, and ow much does this cost?
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The same thing just happened to me last month. The fuel filler pipe had rusted out, very common in these cars. Total charge from my mechanic was about $300. If you look underneath the car where the filler is, you'll see the pipe coming down that connects to the fuel tank with a rubber hose.
I wonder if this is my problem. WE replaced the seals on the tank and the car started to leak more.. maybe we missed that when we put everything back up and it caused it to leak more.
It sounds as if the fuel leak from your 1995 Mercury Tracer may be from the top area of the fuel tank. If that is the case the fuel tank may need to be removed to confirm the source of the leak. It could be just a hose or seal that is leaking.