Q: Fuel system problem? on 1994 Honda Passport

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Having problems in hot weather. When it's hot outside and the vehicle is at normal operating temp, it acts like it vapor locks, or maybe the fuel pump is on its way out. It is worse when going uphills, but will also act up on level ground. You have to pump the gas pedal to keep it running, and then it just barely stays runiing long enough to get off of the highway. I suspect the fuel pump, but would appreciate any input on this.
(2) Answers
The fuel pressure needs checked,you might just check the filter first for restricted flow!If the filter is open,check the fuel pump pressure,at the fuel rail,with engine at idle..Then the pressure regulator diaphram may be cracked causing inadiquate clossing off to the return to the tank ,this provides the max of pressure and volume for the injectors .Look for fuel leaking at the fuel pressure regulator diaphram housing.pull off the vac.line and look for fuel at the end of the line and the nipple on the regulator housing.Loosen the gas cap and see if this has any effect on performance,it may be at fault,dont forget to retighten!!!