Q: Fuel smell inside car when a/c is on,shop said there was no leak in fuel lines on 1993 Honda Accord

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Smell is most proiminent when A/C is on. Usually strongest after vehicle has been driven about 30 minutes
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Sounds more like exhaust is leaking which has a similiar smell. Look under vechicle in front of catalytic around flex pipe area and intake manifold. This is where you probably have a leak.
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Having a raw gas smell is dangerous. If you are smelling what smells like gas ( like you smell from a gas station), it needs to be fixed immediately. If the shop cannot find it, find someone who can.
It could be as stated above, and exhaust leak, but that will not smell like raw gas.
I dropped it off after work today at a shop recommended to me by my boss. Hopefully they can diagnose.
Have you heard back from the shop about anything. I am having the same issuse. The Gas smell comes and goes. Somtimes its strong when you hit that gas, sometimes when your just cruising. But always sputters at quater throttle. Spark plugs look lean. White White White. Replaced everything from the fuel filter to the fuel rail. Please help. I do not see any fuel leaking anywhere. BTW, I just bought this car.. Thanks Guys
Frustrating isn't it? I took it to someone who said there was a leak at the top of the gas tank. That was fixed and guess what? I still have the fuel/exhaust smell. I don't drive it much anymore but it is still frustrating. The odor usually comes after about 30 minutes of city driving. Typically through the air vents, but also smell it after immediately as i exit the vehicle. Sorry 4door.
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