Q: Fuel (Shrader) Rails Diagram-Location? on 1999 Jaguar XJ8

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1999 Jaguar XJ8L sat in garage most of winter months. I have replaced dead battery (properly) and replaced fuel pump fuse and relay. Car cranks normally but will not start. Before I arrange expensive tow to have fuel pump checked for pressure/replaced want to re-prime fuel injectors to see if that corrects problem. I was told that this can be done by removing the nipple and carefully pouring a little gas into the fuel (shrader)rail which is under hood on driver's side, but I cannot see/find any threaded nipple which would apparently indicate location of the fuel rail (and being a novice mechanic do not know what a fuel rail is supposed to look like). Does anyone have a link for an 1999 XJ8L engine diagram or can describe what I should be looking for? --- sure would appreciate any help!
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