Q: Fuel pump replacement and front suspension on 2003 Mercedes-Benz E500

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My E500, 2003 was taken to a shop nearby for front suspension problem (diagnosed ) front air struts. When my car was towed into shop it started. The shop was trying to charge me 2800.00 to fix. I did research and figured i could have done cheaper. I called Mercedes and talked to service manager. He said we could even have struts rebuilt here locally in San Diego. My car was then towed back home from first shop and upon didn't start anymore. I called shop and asked why the hell my car wouldnt start and he replied that since they let all air out of suspension to find leak the system would shut down. Mercedes then said to have my car towed into them and they would diagnose if they suspected foul play.
My car has now been diagnosed with a bad fuel pump. They have priced it at 1350.00 to get it started.
My questions would be...
1. How many hours should i be charged? They are charging for 5.5 hrs and does price seem right. I found a fuel pump at a mercedes recycling for 100.00.
2. Is first shop liable even though it may not be related
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