fuel pump relay on 1990 Ford Escort

will fuel pump relay switch make noise when bad and will car run if it is bad. car idles rough and dies switch makes noise when check engine light comes on

by in Owensboro, KY on November 03, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on November 03, 2009
Count the Flashest when your check engine light comes on that is your trouble code this will make it easier to find the problem.
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Working on this as a crank and no start, pulled plug and grounded it, no spark, went to end of fuel rail and pushed in the shrader valve, some fuel came out and stopped, while pushing in shrader va...
Have looked in my repair manual and cannot find it.
i took 2 wires and hot wire it and it works,cheched relays under hood and the shut off shitch is pushrd down,,i don't know

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