Q: fuel pump preasure on 1996 Dodge Ram Van 1500

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how much fuel preasure should there be in the cranking will not start. it is fireing,spit and sputter
(1) Answer
You do not state whether you have a gas or diesel engine, I will assume you have a gas engine. .Remove protective cap at fuel rail test port. Connect the 0 -60 psi fuel pressure gauge (from gauge set 5069) to test port pressure fitting on fuel rail. Start and warm engine and note pressure gauge reading. Fuel pressure should be 49.2 psi ± 5 psi at idle. If engine runs, but pressure is below 44.2 psi, check for a kinked fuel supply line somewhere between fuel rail and fuel pump module. If line is not kinked, but specifications for either the Fuel Pump Capacity, Fuel Pump Amperage or Fuel Pressure Leak Down Tests were not met, replace fuel pump module assembly. If operating pressure is above 54.2 psi, electric fuel pump is OK, but fuel pressure regulator is defective. Replace fuel filter/fuel pressure regulator. Install protective cap to fuel rail test port.