Q: fuel pump on 2004 Audi A4 Quattro

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Does anyone know how to replace fuel pump on a A4 ??
(1) Answer
the fuel pump is under the rear seat on the passenger side under the black cover held with 3 screws. once you remove the cover you must unplug and disconnect the lines on top. the securing ring for the fuel unit needs to come off. theres a special tool but if you use a chisel sparks are bad. pull up the cap then you can get to the pump. you better have less than 1/2 tank or the rest will spill into your back seat. the fuel pump needs to be turned slightly (15 degrees) to unclip it from the tank. there is a special tool for this too but you may be able to twist it without it. there are line-up marks on the side of the pump. disconnect lines and hoses to remove pump. replace the seal on the tank upon reassembly. are you looking to replace it for a failure or a noise? if you have a hum-buzz noise, try the filter first.