Q: Fuel Pump on 1994 Pontiac Grand Am

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I checked the wrong relay, was searching for fan relay,anyway i was checking it with a piece of wire when i blew a fuse and found out it was the fuel pump relay, replaced the fuse now fuel pump won't ther something else i can do or did i burn up pump..loks like fuse should have stopped it from doing that ...Thanks..Roy
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It's difficult to know if you did any damage or not without checking the car. The fuse did it's job, so it should be OK, but it's not working correctly so something is wrong. I would get a wiring diagram and diagnose the fuel pump circuit to see what is going on here.
I checked the fuel pump by the wire under the hood and it seems to be ok..also when i turn the key on the relay will click, i'm guessing that maybe i did some damage to the computer..By chance would there be another fuse located somewhere that i don't know about??Thanks...Roy