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Q: Fuel pump on 2001 Jaguar S-Type

I'm in the Cascade Mountains, it's 100 degrees. On two occasions, the car wouldn't start - no clicking, no turning over - nothing. I slid the car into neutral and it started. Now as I was climbing a 4,000 foot mountain pass, the car wouldn't upshift - I couldn't gain any power while climbing. Then as I was descending from the pass, it seemed like I lost fuel power, and after 1 minute or two, I lost my power steering, brakes. Engine light, oil light, battery lights all came on. I was able to pull over and stop the car with e brake. after 5 mins or so, I started the car and it ran normal for the next 7 miles to get me to the next town. I just started it now after being parked for 75 mins, and it's fine and normal.
Does this sound like fuel pump to you? If so, as I am in a tiny little mountain town with two mountain passes to get over (8,000 feet and 5,500 feet), would you suggest to automatically order in a new pump? Or starting my day early in the morning and stopping every 40 miles or so? Also, does having the air condition on, affect the problem? Thanks - Signed Thelma and Louise
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Has the Check Engine Light come on? If the check engine light has come on information is stored in the computer in your car that is important. A figure you want to see stored in the computer in your car is fuel trim figures long and short term. If the fuel pump is failing and supplying too little fuel to the engine on a constant basis it should see long term fuel trim with a high number next to it when looked at with a scan tool. Cars from 1996 on have On Board Diagnostics level 2 which should be a big help when diagnosing drivability problems but unfortunately with Jaguar I have driven three S-Type Jaguars that intermittently would buck and surge under throttle so bad I thought I wouldn't make it over to the side of the road but yet set no fault code.
Not too many aftermarket scantools are very good on Jaguars. "Launch" and "Autologic" are about the best. A scantool needs to be plugged into the 16 pin diagnostic socket under the dash (driver's side) and the car driven until the car experiences problems then the values from live sensor data is read straight from the tool as the car is driven.
Ignition coil failure, throttle body problems and transmission problems are relatively common. Are there any good Jaguar independent repair shops or perhaps a good Ford independent repair shop will be able to diagnose the problem. Jaguar and Ford were married at this stage!
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