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Q: Fuel Problem on 1998 GMC Jimmy

I am having problems with my jimmy starting.. It will start but after a few trys.. sometimes tooo many!
I had it connected to a diagnostic- it says it could be oxygen sensor defective or ignition misfire or fuel injector problems... I dont want to fix all of this, I would just like to know which one it is... HELP ME PLEASE

Oh, I also have a noise comming from my glovebox, sounds like a blinker is on, but its not!! Thanks.
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The clicking noise from the glovebox, maybe a relay? Not enough information on your starting concern. I assume the truck runs and performs ok after it starts? Check engine light on? What codes did it have if any? Probably need to check fuel pressure. Give us more info if you can
Both of these codes from Advance are telling you that both banks of the engine are lean. This can be caused by both O2 sensors being bad. There is a GM service bulletin out for these two codes and also a rough idle after sitting overnight that may apply to your vehicle. Go by a GM dealer and ask the Service Manager or foreman to print you off bulletin# 87-65-07A. This has to do with injector poppets sticking due to deposit build-up. It also says to perform a injector balance test with a Tech 2 scan tool. Don't know if this could be your problem or just bad O2 sensors or something else. You have to remember the O2 sensors are reading the exhaust air/fuel ratio AFTER, so a mass air flow or fuel pressure could also be the cause. Good Luck.
Yes she runs perfect once she starts- except on the highway she dont like to go much over 65- it takes me alot of pushing to get to 70mph. (this is NOT normal for her)

Auto Zone:
Definition- BBFuel trim bank one condition
BBThe powertrain control module uses the oxygen BBSensor to calculate the Air/Fuel ratio of the BBEngine. The computer has recognized a rich or lean BBcondition on one engine bank only.
Probable cause:
BB1.-if bank one and two codes set together suspect BBfuel pressure or MAF (mass air flow) sensor
BB2.-Oxygen sensor defective
BB3.-Ignition misfire-repair
BB4.-Fuel injector problem

Advanced Auto:

they said o2 sensor
on both banks

P0171 system 2 lean bank 1
P0174 System 2 lean bank 2

Now I dont understand what advanced means?

I understand that it could be a few different problems, but I can not afford to fix all the the "suspect" issues, I really need this broken down for me. And the shop wants too much for just an estamate or to tell me whats wrong. So if I could go with what ever is wrong.. that would help.

Thanks again, if you need more information please ask.

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