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Q: Fuel Loss, Starting Issues, and "no bus" code on 1997 Chrysler Sebring

And My 97 sebring jxi is approaching the 125K mark and is acting up. My fuel guage would read 100 miles til empty, but then a mile or two later, will read 70. Found out my battery was dead and dry. Replaced battery a month ago, seemed to fix the problem, until a week ago. I was losing fuel/ remaining mileage much faster. Usually it would occur when I accelerated, but now it happens while I idle or even start my car.

The oil pressure light has been on intermittently when I drive and am idling (even when full) for the past 3 months. I've also been experiencing a hard down shift and feeling a bit of hesitation when accelerating. That's been happening for a month or so. A day ago, I had 70 miles left on my guage, I went to start up yesterday and got nothing but a display on the odometer and on the radio display. The odometer said "no bus" and the radio display said "CCD". I was told it could all be relegated to a problematic or dead PCM or ECU. Any help or explanation is greatly appreciated :)
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Since correcting a battery problem seemed to make things better, I would go that route to start with.
Dirty battery terminals and cables can raise havoc with computer controlled systems.

I would clean the battery and cable ends. If the cable ends have been replaced with aftermarket ends, make sure those connections are also clean.
The way I can explain this is it needs to be clean shiny lead where the connections are.
Sorry aout that advise,,,Also after the battery cleanning get your battery and altenator check by someone who knows how to check em,,,Just because a battery starts the car does not mean its a good battery,might not be good enough for the pc.
Get rid of it before you start pouring money into it, Dodge ,plymoth,Chrslers are junk to begin with.
Lol, where were you when I was buying this thing? I like the car, but since I'm in no position to replace it with new or even better, I need help w fixing it.
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