Q: Fuel Level Sensor on 2005 Nissan Pathfinder

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When my fuel level gauge gets down to about a 3/4 tank, (around 275 miles), the fuel level gauge completely stops working and the DTE, (date till empty), flashes dashes. The Service Engine Soon light stays on continuously. Is there any low cost means of correcting this problem?

Also, eventhough I recently had my 2005 battery tested and the battery is still good, the vehicle at times will not turn over and I need to get a jump start. What could be causing this problem, for hopefully an easy fix?
(1) Answer
The sending unit is going bad and its built into the fuel pump module, parts cost $299 at autozone $394 at Napa here's a diagram on how to replace it as for the starting issue does it only do this when the motor is hot? When starters get hot, sometimes they semi freeze up because the components are beginning to wear out, probably needs a new or rebuilt starter.