Q: Fuel Intake problem on 2007 Ford Taurus

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My car will not allow me to put gas spits it out as if it has a full tank...before I take it to a garage I would like any ideas
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The fuel tank/system has a vent that allows for the air in the tank to be displaced as the tank fills with fuel. It's possible this vent is plugged. The shop should check that, and also make sure they check for service bulletins from the Ford, as this may be a common problem on this vehicle.
My car also has a mechanic problem, and I think its related to fuel intake too.
The problem is that the car starts shaking whenever the mile/hr gauge reads 55 and it stops shaking at 65 .
I can feel that the shaking comes from the engine .
Can some one plz tell me how could I fix my car ?
I'll appreciate that .
Thanks !