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Q: Fuel Injectors & water in the gas on 2001 Nissan Quest

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I have 136k miles on my quest and a week ago I went outstide started my car and was idling rough & was shaking during acceleration. The engine light came on and was blinking. Took it to the dealer and they said it was a missfire & knock sensor error from a failed fuel injector#4. I had it replaced $550 but they said to fix all 5 other injectors as they all go up at the same time I said no because Mechanics can be wrong just like Doctors. 10 miles from the dealer it started again but this time it was missing terribly.

Could this be water in the gas? Would that make my engine light come on and could that make my injectors fail?
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Your Nissan has pretty good On Board Diagnostic capabilities. Once the Service Engine Soon/Check Engine Light comes on the computer in your car points where it sees the problem. Nissan have a Technical Service Bulletin for your year of Quest stating approved cleaning procedures and methods. When an injector fails it is usually due to debris, dirt ,water contaminated fuel or it can fail mechanically or electrically. If it failed due to contamination the same debris that damaged/caused #4 injector to fail could easily cause damage to other injectors as the same fuel circulates in a common fuel rail.
It is possible the during the course of repair that a spark plug wire got damaged, or the wiring harness has a problem after being jostled around during the course of the repair.
Is your Service Engine Soon Light back on. I would go back to them and ask them to at least check the codes and verify that you "new" problem is not related to the work they did.
Similar problem on 02 quest. Gutter at base of windshield failed. Water on #3 plug caused bad readings. Cleaned and resealed gutter and problem stopped.
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