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Q: fuel injector problems at 47,000??? on 2006 Toyota RAV4

Just the other day my 06 rav4 went down and needs all fuel injectors replaced!! I use nothing but super+ unleaded gas,full synthetic oil& occasionally use a fuel treatment!! Im a stickler about this!! How is this possible?? Car only has 47,000 miles!! Repair bill is $1440!! Dealer claims this is not covered!! Are fuel injectors part of powertrain??(technically) Any ideas/suggestion appreciated!
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What is the failure with all the Fuel Injectors. Why is the dealer claiming that this is the problem? I would try to get a second opinion. Most of the Emissions Components are not covered for more than 3yr/ 50,000 miles. The Injectors are not usually considered to be part of the Power Train like the Engine and Trans. I am skeptical that it is ALL the injectors. I would tow out the vehicle for a second opinion. There should be several good Independent Toyota Shops in Syracuse, NY.
Is the car currently running? what are symptoms? If running, I would really try a bottle of techron concentrate plus to clean out injectors.
Sounds like you might be a victim of foul play. My friend's boyfriend once poured sugar in her gas tank just to spite her after she dumped him. After much head scratching and testing her mechanic finally diagnosed the problem and told us about other ingredients people use to foul up other people's cars just to get even. At 47,000 miles having all your fuel injectors go bad at the same time is very suspicious. I'd have your gas tested for impurities if I were you. See if you can safely collect some gas in a clear container and examine it for color, smell, impurities and quality etc. This is an easy first step to check. If an adversary of yours knows that your a stickler for using quality gas this would attract them to mess with your gas because they know its a good way to get you pissed. Sorry about being a cynic but you can't dismiss the possibility of foul play under the circumstances.
I went to the dealer for the same problem with the injector 2009 Toyota rav4 4cyl. they said injector #1 is not good, I paid 656.00 and I walkout with the same problem and the dealer told me, now the problem is: injector #3 I said:leave it like that.i went to a friend of my brother and we put 4 new injector and the car was running beautiful into the next day,now I put the car on drive and it don't pass 5 mph,now the mechanic said he's going to take the tank out and flush all the lines.any help please.
you can remove injectors and flush by putting 12v to leads they will open done this before saved 22r owner a lot only used carb spray do replace o rings
I got the same problem with my toyota rav4 2009,if you fix yours, please write me back and let me know how you fix it.
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