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Q: Fuel Injector Bleeder Valve?? on 1991 Chevrolet S10

It all started when my starter went out. After replacing and putting proper shims, i shut down and restarted the truck about 6 times and then when i was just about to shut it off and take it off the jack, it just died. The truck hasn't started since. It fired when i poured a small amout of gas in. And my "mechanically inclined" buddies told me it must be injector or the filter, i replaced both, and now i found out i need to bleed the lines after replacing injector but i cant find one!?! 4 Cyl(e)<-8th VIN # SIngle Injection engine. Can anyone please help me out this is my only vehicle =(
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You will NOT need to bleed the lines, the lines will bleed themselves. I don't think that you have found the root cause of the problem, it may be your fuel pump. If you spray fuel in to the throttle body and the truck runs, that means that you have spark but no fuel delivery. Make sure that you have injector pulse with a noid light ( a special test light for an injector ) be sure you tell the parts store guy that you have TBI or throttle body injection when you buy the noid light at a good parts store, like a NAPA store. If you have injector pulse, then check the fuel pump operation by using a stethoscope on the bottom center area of the fuel tank, and have some one crank the engine. You should hear the electric fuel pump motor plainly.
If not, check for 12 volt+ power and ground at the fuel pump connector, be sure of the wires, don't mistake the fuel gauge sender wires, again while cranking and if that is good then your fuel pump is defective. This is how I used to inspect these problems when I was a GM Dealership Diagnostic Tech and was working on a TBI equipped S-10 or any 2.5 liter TBI equipped motor, like on the Buick Century etc.
Thank you very much i will definately give that a try, ill ask if ive got anymore questions =)
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