Q: fuel in throttle body on 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

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I have fuel leaking in throttle body. I have replaced the pressure regulator, but still have to problem. All new o-rings for regulator as well. It is leaking past throttle body and stops in the air intake. Strong odor of gas as car starts too and idle rough, but only after it is hot.
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The regulator would be the most common cause. Try connecting a fuel pressure guage and monitor the pressure reading, it should hold steady after you turn the engine off. If the pressure drops it means you have a leak somewhere and you will need to isolate and repair the cause of the leak. Also try checking all vacuum hoses to see if any of them have fuel inside - they should all be dry.
If the vacuum hose from the fuel pressure regulator is wet with fuel that would tell me that the regulator is leaking. You stated that it has been replaced. Are you sure it is still not leaking?
Yes, the vacuum hoses that connects to the fuel presssure regulator to the throttle body is wet too. There are 3 vacuum lines that connect to throttle body and that is the only one wet. Will test pressure, thanks.