Q: Fuel gauge stopped working when I just filled the tank. on 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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Fuel tank is full but gauge reads empty. No low fuel light just gauge reads empty. I have power going to the tank, I checked that. Any ideas? Could my gauge be bad? I know silverados have gauge cluster issues. My truck is a 04 and only has 41000 miles on it. Thanks for any support....
P.S. no codes have come up ......
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Need a scan test with a real scanner, not a code reader at parts store, scanner can sweep gauges (prove out test) to see if gauge is faulty.
No need to guess at the problem!
I took a test light and after unplugging the sending unit at the tank, tested to see if by grounding the plug I could get the gunge to move, it did not so I assume the gauge is bad.......
The lnstrument clusters give some trouble but that is a dealer repair as the new cluster will have to be programed!!
Do not attempt this yourself, you will not have any luck and will destory the replacement cluster as it will shut down if not flashed by dealer.
Can have the cluster rebuilt and put it back without reprogram.
you either have a bad cluster or a sending unit ,check to see if you have a good ground at the sending unit
Thanks, will do. I think the unit is mounted at the back of my fuel tank. I had the plug off and tested for power and it is making it to the unit. I'll see if it's bolted to the frame and check the ground there.....
Thanks, That is the one that requires moving the bed back a little to get to it just my luck.....
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