Q: Fuel gauge doesn't work on 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

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I bought the car about 2 months ago, the guy i bought it from had just put an engine i the car. ever since then the fuel gauge moves around, sometimes you get the car its at a half of a tank, then empty, then full.
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It is not unusual to have issues with the fuel level sensor on late model vehicles. GM is not alone with this problem. What can occur is corrosion will build up on the electrical contacts of the fuel level sensor causing erratic voltage readings. In the past it was commonly recommended to replace the fuel level sensor, in the case of your 1999 Chevrolet Malibu that would involve removing the fuel tank. There is however a new product on the market which can address this issue. It is a fuel additive called Chevron Techron Plus, this additive has corrosion cleaning agent which is designed to clean the fuel level sensor. Adding this product to your fuel tank after fulling up may be a worthwhile attempted to fix your problem. You must use the Techron Plus additive, fulling your gas tank with Chevron gas with the Techron additive will not do the trick. At this time the anti-corrosive chemicals are only available in the fuel additive.