Q: fuel gauge on 2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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I had to replace my fuel pump on my truck. After that the fuel gauge is off, won't read past 1/2 tank or let me put in more than $40 at a time. GRRR. So dropped the gas tank, took pump back to store and got replacement. Put in 27 gallons of fuel, but gauge only went to 3/4. Would not let me put more fuel in. Is there something else that can be wrong, it is not easy to drop the gas tank! I am about to ask for money back and try different store, used NAPA for these ones and they not seem to be right. Any suggestions?
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Ford original equipment fuel pumps are much better to use than any aftermarket pump. Also, most always, the Ford pump actually comes with the sending unit, which you may be experiencing problems with if you are changing it over to the new NAPA pump. However...I have to say it seems like two separate symptoms here: not being able to get enough fuel in, and inaccurate gauge readings. If you are certain the tank is empty and shock accept more than "$40 at a time", the pump and sender will not cause a problem with adding fuel. Rather, something could have happened to the ventilation of the fuel tank which is causing early fuel nozzle shut off. You may have a pinched hose? The gauge reading is probably due to swapping senders or the aftermarket pump. Good luck.
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