Q: Fuel Filter Replacement on 2001 Lincoln Continental

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How do I replace the fuel filter on my 2001 Lincoln Continental? I know where it is I have to hit the fuel pump reset switch or something?
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the fuel filter is located under the rocker panel on the drivers side. You will need a regular screwdriver.

Pull the white plastic clips off each end of the filter then loosen the clamp with the screwdriver. take the filter out and reverse the process
I did look in a repair manual and it ended up to be a simple job. The fuel filter is located beneath the PASSENGER SIDE of a 2001 Continental. You don't even have to touch the fuel filter switch. Just remove the gas cap to release pressure, change out the filter, (careful of the spilling gasoline) and put in the new...there is also a screw that holds the filter in the clamp. It is easy, about $9. A shop charges about $50 for this.
I just put one on a 2001, Lincoln Continental. It was on the passenger side under the rear door, NOT the driver side.

I recommend chasing down some step-by-step instructions in a repair manual or on

You may also be able to find someone who has done the job before on a Lincoln fan forum--but you want to make sure you get specific information so you get it right the first time.