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2003 Saturn L300 Question: fuel filter replacement

local mechanic is trying to charge me $100 for fuel filter replacement. found part online for $6, is there a how to online guide so I dont screw this up? Thanks -
Answer 1
Go to NAPA and spend $12. Spend another $26.95 and you'll have any info you need for your car for a whole year. The same info that the pro's get. The website is www.alldatadiy.com By the way $100 is a bit to much. It really isn't that hard to change. spend the $26.95. GOOD LUCK -
Answer 2
$100 is far too much. This is a 10 minute DIY job. You'll need a screwdriver to loosen the bracket holding the filter in place, some needle nose pliers to pinch the tabs on both ends of the filter (where it connects to the fuel line). Replace with new filter, and screw the bracket back into place. You're done. Check out the L-Series tech forum at Saturnfans.com for further info. -
Comment 1
I think both answers are good. I had my fuel filter replaced July 2010. I checked at several lube shops in this area and their prices ranged from $35-$40. My mechanic did it for $25 part+labor since he had my car on the lift already to check my EVAP system. -
Answer 3
where is it located -
Comment 1
The Chevy dealer in Conrad Mt charged $250.00 to replace the fuel filter on my Silverado 1500 2003 Pickup. Dealer name is Van Motors. Theives. -
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