Q: fuel filter location on 1998 Dodge Dakota

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Where is the fuel filter located?
(6) Answers
The fuel filter is in the fuel pump module. You don't change it, according to Chysler. What is your problem with the vehicle?
there is a in line fuel filter located under the truck on the passenger side at passenger door up against the frame need special fuel line dissconnect tool
I have a 98 Dodge Dakota 4x4 5.2L and I was driving down the street and the truck started acting like it was starving for fuel, and backfiring which started after check engine light came on...I put my obd ll code reader on it and the only code that came back was o2 sensor, any help insight and knowledge will greatly be appreciated..??
I would advise Anonymous stops giving information that is wrong. There is no fuel filter on the frame! It is built into the fuel pump module. ANONYMOUS, you need to go back to school dude.