Q: frozen motor on 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

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what would cause motor to freeze? engine light was flashing, car was running very rough. shut car off. would not start again. battery fried. i think its an electrical problem because smelled somethng sometimes when heat on. coolant light on for 2 months even though radiator was full. is starter or solenoid bad? or is motor gone. how do i change spark plugs. one came out in my hand and there was a spring in the boot.
(2) Answers
Warning lights come to warn you of problems, when you ignore them for days, weeks and especially months, you can expect many problems to occur. You now have many problems!
Could be hydro-lock; happened to me. A hole wears in the black plastic plenum on top of engine; water works its way through hole into pistons, eventually "drowning" the pistons. Vacuum moisture out of pistons, replace plenum, problem solved. Cost me about $850 at auto repair shop.