Q: Front winshield washer doesn't work. Pump does not run. on 1997 Mercury Villager

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Pulled off wiring plug at pump and no 12v there. Is there a relay involved? If so, where is it? If not, must be wiring or steering column switch. Is this multi-switch difficult to replace?
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if you are absolutely sure there isn't 12v at the pump, then you need what's called a front wiper/washer amplifier assembly. Before you change that, you will need to check that your wiring is good from the amplifier to the pump. You will need an ohm meter. It will tell you if you have a perfect connection, or no connection, or a connection with resistance. The pump wires are the same colors coming out of the amplifier and the pump, and the amp is at the left front strut tower.
Found the amplifier and the wires going to the pump show 17.5 ohms at that connector with the pump connected. Is that what you mean, or do I need to disconnect the pump and ohm the wires only to check for a short?
Awesome, but your second instinct is right, from the pump connector to the amp connector, with them both unplugged, sorry if i wasn't clear earlier.
I got an amplifier from Rock Auto and it still doesn't work. Do you know of a source for a wiring diagram? Local dealer and shops will not help DIY's. Next logical suspect would be the switch on the turn signal lever, but I hate to keep guessing. Thanks for your help. I have no 12v at the amplifier on the wires going to the pump.
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