Q: Front Wheels Vibrate on 1990 Toyota 4Runner

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My front wheels vibrate a lot when I'm going over 70 mph. If the wheels are balanced correctly, what could it be?
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I had the same problem, but it was my driveline u-joints were bad. When people sometimes fail to give those things a little grease, they rub and the seals in them go bad. Try and get under the car and give a really hard tug up and down on the driveline. It should be stiff. If it shakes, you need to replace it. About $15 dollars at local pick-n-pull
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Check the tires for damage, try rotating the tires front to rear and see if the problem changes. The wheels were probably balanced off the car, Check for play in the front wheel bearings, suspension bushings and I can't remember if your truck has a steering damper (it would look like a shock absorber going across the front of the truck). If the steering damper is bad it would definitely cause a problem like what you describe, but your truck needs to be inspected to pinpoint the exact cause of the vibration.