Q: Front wheels unevenly worn on 2002 Toyota Corolla

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I was experiencing vibration at the steering wheel around 65mph. I did a wheel alignment which did not correct the problem. Later, I sent it for wheel balancing. The mechanic cycled the rear tires to the front (the front tires are less than a month old). Now I experience even more vibrations at 20 mph. I have been recommended to replace the cycled front tires. What do you guys think?
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Virtually any time a vehicle vibrates or shakes while driving (but not while braking) it is usually a tire or rim issue. The rotation of the tires did not correct or move the problem to the rear, so either the tires themselves are out of round or defective, or you may have an issue with a front hub (the part the wheel mounts to) or an issue with a front axle assembly. Have the shop double check the balance and runout of the rims. (they'll know what that means) and may take care of it for no charge.