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Q: front weel bearings on 1996 Dodge Ram 1500

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how do you change out the front wheel bearings and what is needed to do the job.
You failed to mention if you have a 2X4 or a 4X4
The Link / Coil front suspension has a separate Hub and Bearing assemble. To replace.Raise and support the vehicle. .Remove wheel and tire assembly. .Remove brake caliper and rotor, Remove cotter pin and axle hub nut. .Remove hub/bearing mounting bolts Hub/Bearing & Knuckle and remove hub/bearing from knuckle.

The Independent front suspension utilizes Timkin tapered bearings. REMOVAL; .Raise and support the vehicle. .Remove the wheel and tire assembly. .Remove disc brake caliper from steering knuckle. .Remove the dust cap, cotter pin, and hub nut from spindle. .Carefully slide the hub/rotor from spindle. .Remove the seal and inner wheel bearing from the hub/rotor. .Remove inner bearing races from hub/rotor with a pin punch if bearings are going to be replaced. INSTALLATION
.Install the new bearing cup(s) with an appropriate installation tool.
.Apply a coating of MOPAR Wheel Bearing Grease or equivalent lubricant to inner surface area of hub/rotor. Pack bearings with grease. Install inner wheel bearing and seal in the hub/rotor. .Inspect bearing and seal contact surfaces on spindle for burrs and/or roughness. .Remove all rough contact surfaces from spindle. Apply a coating of lubricant. .Carefully slide the hub/rotor onto spindle. Install outer wheel bearing, washer and retaining nut . 6.Tighten the nut to 41-54 N·m (30-40 ft. lbs.) torque to preload bearing while rotating the hub/rotor. Stop hub/rotor and loosen nut to completely release bearing preload torque. Tighten the nut finger-tight and install the nut lock. Install a new cotter pin.
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