Q: front warped rotors and pads on 2007 Mercedes-Benz CLK350

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Car has 18000 miles, bought it from Mercedes dealer. Drove it 3000 of the 18000. Brakes are pulsating and they say front rotors are warped due to staying on brake and new pads needed. The dealer certified the car and they say the warranty which I also bought the extended warranty doesn't cover wear and tear. They want 760 to repair it... what's up with such low mileage for rotors and pads?? If so.. you must have a repair shop for less... thanks for the response
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It's not terribly uncommon for Mercedes rotors to only last 20K. It depends on driving style, geography, and all sorts of things, but they are high performance, and they don't have long lives. Generally, Mercedes rotors are not resurfaced and need to be replaced for the same reason.

If the brakes were that close to life when the sold the car, I really would have expected them to replace them. You can see that coming when you inspect the brakes, so you may want to negotiate with them on that.

There are some highly-rated shops on RepairPal in Vegas: They may be cheaper.
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