Q: Front U-joint on 2005 Nissan Pathfinder

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pathfinder se offroad. My rear u joint on the front driveshaft has gone bad. Can this u-joint be replaced and if so is it the same u-joint as the front?
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The U-Joint can be replaced. Upon replacement inspect the other joint on that shaft for wear. I am almost sure they are the same part number but if you haven't replaced a U-joint before (they are a little tricky) I would remove the drive shaft and bring it to an automotive machine shop and let them do it. Mark both drive shaft flanges so you put it back on the same orientation and use Loctite on the threads of the 8 flange bolts.
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What brand of wrench were you using. Craftsman make good professional grade tools with a polished finish that is very similar to a Snap -On but much cheaper, you may need to jam a pry bar or screw driver in the joint to prevent it from turning as you try to undo the flange securing bolts. Replacing the joint itself you need a good bench vise but it will worth the extra few dollars to get a machine shop to put the joints in for you.
Thanks for the help everyone. Autotechpat this is going to have to be a driveway repair ha. Can you or anyone give me a little insite or instruction as the best way to replace it? Also, if there is a better tool as I have already snapped my 14 mm wrench in half. Thanks