Q: front suspension after the struts and sway bar link has been replaced on 1992 Cadillac Seville STS

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ok ty for being here, we desided to replace the front struts ourselves and the sway bar link, k. the tow-in is now fairly bad. The car is driven 120 miles each day (Mon,-Fri.) is there a adjustment we can make that will help the car make it through the next two weeks till a wheel alignment can be done by a shop? We have spent all the money on the parts and have to wait till next check. Thank you for answering ASAP, as new tires are a long ways out in this economy.
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you can use a tape measure to measure the distance from side to side on the front of the tires. then measure the same distance from the rear of the tires. they should be within 1/2 inch. that is a very rough tow adjustment.