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Q: Front struts failing again 2 yrs after replacement? on 1999 Toyota Camry

I replaced the front struts 2 years ago (at about 70,000). Now, they're making that annoying racket again over bumps. Should this be happening again so soon? The car only has 87,000 on it.
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your struts bolts where probably tightened to much. hench the same problem is reoccuring there is a dealer speck on how much to tighten the bolts on the struts. you can call your local parts store and ask for torque specifications. P.S. when you turn the steering wheel on your vehicle the bearings at the top of the strut mount bracket turn to, if they are to tight the bearings wear away before there time, if they are to loose the steering feels like the front end is going to sway apart.
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The fronts struts should not fail so soon unless you are traveling on terrible roads and are very abusive to your car. Are the shocks actually leaking oil and lost their shock absorption characteristics or are you hearing rattles? Were the upper strut mounts replaced? I am curious what brand of struts were used that failed. We use KYB brand struts.
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I believe Sears usually use Monroe brand shocks and struts which are pretty good and should not have failed. Get it checked out perhaps go back to Sears and tell them you had shocks installed two years ago and you are surprised to hear rattles now. It could be something totally different perhap a broken sway bar link is worn bushings
Thanks for your answer. Not sure what brand, but the struts have not lost their shock absorption characterists, the car rides very smoothe. I am simply hearing alot of rattling. The upper strut mounts were replaced. I had the job done at the Sears Automotive Center, maybe that will tell you what brand was used?
Is it only when turning the wheels like in a turn going forward or all the time going forward? Like a clacking?
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