Q: front side marker bulb replacement on 2001 Nissan Pathfinder

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how do i get the cover off of the front side marker to replace the bulb?
(1) Answer
It is not easy. The cover is stabilized by prongs which are part of the cover. These prongs resemble a rounded tapered arrow head and they are pushed into a part mounted in the light assembly. That part has an opening which is slightly smaller than the arrow head yet it gives ever so slighlty to allow the arrow head to be plastic pushed into it, then holds it firmly in place. The problem is that the arrow head is plastic and as the plastic ages it tends to stick to the part which holds the arrow head securely in place. I broke one of the arrow heads on my first attempt. I needed to replace the bulb on the opposite side of the car also, however, having seen how it was made and having broken one already, I was more careful with the second one. If you put any sideways force on it, it will break. After the screws are removed all force must be towards the front of the car with only minimal wiggling of the cover from side to side. You must find a way to apply enough force so that the cover moves to the front of the vehicle only until you loosen the grip that the ageing plastic has on the holding mechanism. With enough force, it will eventually break free. At the same time you must not apply enough force to break the cover assembly. If there is any way to get some WD-40 in there where those two parts meet, that would make it easier. Good luck.