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Q: front shakes when I accelerate. on 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty

tires, wheel alignment, have all been checked. truck still shakes around 40-55 mph when i accelerates, and when i brake. what coudl the problem be?
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Does your steering wheel shake when you accelerate from 40 to 55 mph? This happens on a lot of 4x4 leaf sprung trucks and Jeeps. It's not always between 40-55 sometimes 30-40, but it's usually due to something loose in the front suspension. Sometimes four wheelers call it 'death wobble'. It's especially common on lifted/modified trucks.

Check torque on your u-bolts, leaf spring bolts, shackle bolts. Caster issues can cause this in some trucks but an alignment should have shown any problems with caster. Worn tie rod ends or steering linkage can cause this too
hope this helps!
my answer is a question just want to know if your front end was the problem. I,m expierance the same problem
My 2005 F-250 Super Duty was doing the same thing but around 60-70mph when you hit a bump in the road the front end would get the wobbs bad, it turned out to be the tire pressure has to be almost perfect on these models or you will get severe vibrations with your front end. make sure the tires and pressure is correct for your truck.
check your universal joints..... my f150 was doing the same thing so i changed my rear universal joint and all vibration stopped.
Steering Stabilizer is blown/bad/not strong enough. Get a new one. Make it a Dual Stabilizer. I have a dual stabilizer from SkyJack. I installed it myself in about 45 minutes. I had to readjust and tighten down about 150 miles later. Solved literally instantly. Perfect since adjustment. its been about 4,000 miles. Look up Death Wobble on youtube
I initially had this issue when I braked. After replacing all brakes and calipers that problem was resolved, but I then notice a problem when I accelerated or hit pot holes in the road. Problem found was a worn bearing in the center of the drive line (drive shaft center support).
we just lost front driveline in our super duty driveline wasnt long enough. Didnt slide into receiver far enough only about 1 inch. Experienced vibration with what you might say a grinding noise and vibration associated. Might even be driveline out of balance.
On my 2004 ford super duty i was having a vibration under accelration with hubs turned in it ended up being the centering pin in the front drive shaft in the doubler joint had to replace the entire drive shaft but have had no problims since good news easy fix to swap out bad news about 500 dollars to replace my truck had 132000miles when it happined
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