Q: Front fender damage from door rubbing on 2008 Chrysler Sebring

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On a 2008 Sebring Convertable, the passenger door suddenly has been making contact with the front fender and has buckled the fender badly. Looking at other like Sebrings, I am seeing the exact same damage on both driver and passenger sides. Why are these doors suddenly hitting the fenders? It has to be a common problem because I have seen 4 Sebrings with the exact same damage. I can't find a recall. Are the hinges weak? Was is the cause?
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The cause is either the rear edge of the fender is under flush wit the leading edge of the door or the gap between the two panels is not correct. Many times the rear of the fender gets pushed in by shopping carts, people etc. In some cases all it takes is 1/8" underflush for the door to catch it upon opening. You can "pull" the fender out. With the door open, grasp the rear edge of the fender and pull on it till it aligns with the door. If the fender is slightly bent or creased, put a 1x4 piece of wood between the open door and fender. Wrap the wood in something to protect the paint finish. Slowly and gently close the door while observing the fender and pull out only as far as necessary to provide adequite clearance for the door to open without catching the fender.
This is my mother in laws second Sebring.... she bought one in 2006 and the one she has now in 2010. She has had this happen on BOTH vehicles. The first was under warranty and was taken care of without question. The 2010 is no longer under warranty and no ones wants to admit this is a Chrysler problem.