Q: Front exhaust leak on 2004 Kia Sorento

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There is a big exhaust leak at the front part of the engine. Is there a quick fix that is inexpensive, or is this a DEALER ONLY fix???
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It's not a dealer only fix, you can take this to any general repair shop, however a shop that regularly works on Kias is generally better than one that doesn't. The cost cannot be determined until the fault is found.
I purchased a new 2008 sorento and always felt tired, after a year of feeling crazy I found the exhaust gasket was leaking on the driver side were the exhaust connects to the manifold. dealer could not find the problem ,but a private shop did ALSO ON 2004 SORENTO THEY HAVE HEAD GASKET PROBLEMS, THAT MIGHT BE YOUR PROBLEM
I also purchased a new 2008 sorento and have been tired and felling crazy . I took it to my kia dealer and they said it was fine. I took it to a private shop and they found the problem ,which was a leak at the manifold were it connects to the exhaust pipe on the driver side. I replaced the gasket and it still leaks, just replaced the flex pipe to the manifold and another gasket, still think it leaks. The gasket never compresses properly, very poor design. Like driving it and hate spending any more money in these times, but I have gained over 35 lb from feeling so tired and sick. not to mention my liver enzymes were up since I purchased this car.