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Q: front end shakes violently between 50 - 55 mph on 2006 Jeep Wrangler

I replaced steering stabilizer, front track bar, both sway bar links and rotated tires . Still have the same problem. Thank - you Tim
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Three years ago I bought a new 2007 stock Jeep Wrangler Four Door Hard Top. For the most part, I have been extremely happy with my choice. My husband and I were even thinking about purchasing another one within the next year. However, that thought has quickly changed!

About a month ago, as we were traveling on the highway, my Jeep started to violently shake as we hit a bump going about 60 miles per hour. It felt like we had a flat tire so we quickly pulled over. We checked the vehicle and couldn’t find anything wrong. Since it continued to drive fine, we didn’t think too much about it. Three weeks later, driving again on the highway, the same thing happened, this time much worse. The vehicles shook so violently I had a hard time controlling it. This was especially scary because the roads were wet. Luckily, we were seat belted in, but my poor dog got tossed around like a salad. Shaking, and very upset, we pulled over to the side of the road. It continued to happen two more times.

The next day we immediately took the car to our mechanic. Although he couldn’t find anything at first, we did some research. We went to the Internet and typed in the search “Jeep violently shakes.” We were quite surprised and shocked with what we found. Apparently, this is a problem that has been occurring for years with Jeep. It has even been termed the “death wobble” because of all the problems. We found thousands upon thousands of people with this similar problem dating all the way back to the early 90’s. With all these problems, Jeep has not issued a recall on 2007 models but apparently will gladly charge their customers hundreds of dollars to fix parts that may not fix the problem. The main problem appears to be with the steering damper. The damper is too small. Although Jeep won’t officially recognize this as a problem, you have fixed it with your 2010 models by putting in a larger damper.

When I called a few dealerships to find the part, I was told the damper doesn’t exist in my model. Seriously? I was able to find a 2010 damper and had my mechanic put it in my vehicle. The one that he replaced was not only twice the size of the existing one, but the existing one was leaking fluid.

With all these problems, Jeep has yet to issue a recall on this problem. Shame on you Jeep! Have you learned nothing from Toyota? Have not enough people been seriously injured or killed for you to recognize a problem?

I am enclosing a copy of my invoice. If you do not believe this to be a problem, simply type in “Jeep Death Wobble” on the Internet. If you are not as shocked as I was you should be ashamed of yourselves.

No wonder America has lost faith in the car industry. The car industry apparently does not care about the people buying their cars. I hope something can be done to change my opinion of Jeep.
I agree. It is especially a problem if you have oversized tires. This is usually the steering damper as you mentioned. I have a 2004 Rubicon with 33" tires. The wobble happens consistently between 50-55 MPH when excelerating through that range. The faster I go through that range, the less intense it is. The bigger problem is if you are in gear (I have a stick) and are decreasing speed in that range. The wobble is horrible. If I take it out of gear and coast down to a lower speed in the 50-55 MPH range, then it does not seem to happen. When it does happen, I have to peddle the brakes as applying them outright causes the condition to be even more violent. I have a Rancho steering damper on it, so not stock and still have the problem. I'm gonna go with a Skyjacker dual shock damper to see how that goes as I know the steering linkages are all good and tight as well as the steering box because in all of the testing I have done, the wheels turn as soon as I turn the steering wheel. It is ONLY between 50-55 MPH that this happens. Once past 55, it stops but only with the help of the damper. I can go as fast as I want at that time. I also did not know about this incredible danger when I bought my Jeep. Very disappointed that we as the consumer should have to worry about something this obviously wrong with the vehicle.
Toe rod ends, Steering box, Steering dampener and many other things to still check. I would go to a really good front end/4x4 shop to have them diagnose this problem. This is a SAFETY issue and NEEDS to be repaired.
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